About Radha Cottage

an ideal destination for nature lovers all round the year

About Radha Cottage

A paradise in the monsoons , a dream setting in the winter chills and a lovely cool recluse in the summers.

A picturesque RESORT located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valleys of Matheran .

Matheran is a mystical place that can only be experienced by allowing oneself to be engulfed by its pristine environment.

Radha Cottage is one such place on the hill station that is away from the hustle bustle of the market area and amidst the most pristine forest areas of this plateau with easy approach to the best vantage points of the hill station.

The Only destination in Matheran that allows you to be totally one with nature, unwind and immerse in the dense evergreen protected unique forest areas along with excellent service and accommodation facilities, be it during the heavy monsoons or the summers or the winters , each season beholds a treasurable ,wonderful experience to be cherished.

Radha cottage is the resort if you are looking for a place away from home that can offer you the best location to enjoy the dense foliage of the tall evergreen trees, to go on peaceful walks to various points from the cottage at your own pace. Feel the wind, hear its rustling sounds passing through the trees and brushing gently past the amazing grassland at Olympiad ground which is just a kilometre away from Radha Cottage.

Capture the soothing sounds of twinkling streams on the nature trails around the cottage. Enjoy evening walks to feel the whispering winds, simmering moonlight nights summoning you to a part of this mystical universe.

All the indoor, outdoor and semi covered spaces of this resort transport you to the bygone eras ,every inch of the well designed, immaculate, beautifully maintained architecture ,interiors and landscape of the place that is so well tuned in to the bone and spirit of Matheran that can offer the most enriching experience in the lap of nature.

All of this wonderful experience offered in one package at Radha Cottage. An old British colonial retreat, Radha Cottage is a holiday resort waiting to be discovered and rediscovered.

Stay at this place is an experience in itself… A perfect setting with spectacular views at all times during the year.

Hymning of the birds, rustle of the winds and scenic views from all the rooms is the advantage of this resort, a paradise in the monsoons, a dream setting in the winter chills and a lovely cool recluse in the summers…an ideal destination for nature lovers all-round the year.

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